Deanne Lehtinen

Deanne Lehtinen is a Toronto based studio furniture designer/ builder who practices out of her west end cooperative studio “980 Roselawn WoodLab“. Deanne creates custom commission pieces for interior designers and architects as well as private clients. Deanne continues to investigate both materials and new techniques within her speculative work.

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Within my speculative furniture or object making I have explored repetition of shape and pattern through materials and form.  My intention for Capacity is to use this years theme HIATUS as a way to continue this exploration through a series of nesting objects that will complete the whole form. While these forms are linked by there sameness, slight variations in size create space between individual objects. Parts of the whole can be rearranged generating new shapes and spaces. Each arrangements shadow serves to reinforce the shape and new space created. 

Dimensions: TBD

Materials: Ash wood and painted steel