Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Laura McKibbon currently resides in Montreal after completing an extended residency at Medalta Potteries in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Laura is a self-taught ceramic artist with a background in sciences and has been working in ceramics for over ten years. Best known for her distinct line of functional ceramics which incorporates photography, printmaking and computer techniques, Laura continues to exhibit regularly and her work has been featured in several ceramic catalogues and publications.



Laura McKibbon is pleased to present ‘divide’ – beaded porcelain room dividersreminiscent of iconic bamboo curtains. Like much of her work, this series continues to draw inspiration and imagery from the natural and built environments we are surrounded by everyday. DIVIDE answers to the most literal ‘gaps and openings’ in our lives. Drawing attention to a typically overlooked area of our home, these porcelain room dividers enable privacy in the increasingly small and shared spaces we inhabit.

Both a functional object and large-scale installation, each work is composed of over two thousand handmade porcelain beads. Created with a custom paperclay mixture, this allows for a durable and lightweight product without altering the look or feel of the final piece. Due to their hand-crafted nature, these screens are entirely customizable in way of image, size and colour.