Margaret Pryde is a Toronto-based furniture maker and sculptural artist.  She is a graduate of SOCAD Furniture Design + Fabrication program and Conestoga’s Industrial Woodworker program. Margaret was bitten by the building bug early on and has been working and creating in the industry since she was 17 years old.  Margaret’s work has been shown at Toronto’s IDS Prototypes, as well as Toronto Off-site Design’s Come Up To My Room and Capacity shows. She is a recipient of a Herman Miller Juror’s Award.


Our lives are filled with small hiatuses. A break from school, from work, from the every day.  Sherlock Holmes said (I’ve been ‘nerding’ out to audio books lately so forgive me, the hiatus in my day) “A change in work is the best rest.”  These words stood out for me and I have considered them for awhile.

My days are filled with creating and building and due to my many years in this biz I am placed in a position of project management which translates to problem finder and solver, teacher, therapist, lifeguard and sometimes bartender.   These are the hats you wear in “shop life.”  I love them all but rarely do I give myself the sweet, solitary opportunity to design for myself with little direction and no predicted outcome.  It is the best rest in a way.  An interruption in time and continuity.  A hiatus.

The most literal definitions of hiatus read: a gap in a material object, a separation, void, opening or interstice.  It is this clarification that brought “Perch” into focus.   I wanted to design creative shelving that could be arranged and rearranged at the user’s whim.  Where voids and openings would be as important and fluid as the material piece.  A hiatus it occurred to me could be a personal choice, one that could be continually redefined.   


Wall mounted shelf support-  spray finished painted lacquer substrate framed in walnut.  Aluminum shelf sleeves.  60 inches by 30 inches by 1 ½ inches depth.

Shelving- Walnut and Maple shelves with magnetic pins.

Shelf size- 7 ½ inches by 15 ½ inches.  Shelf depths vary between 5 ½ to 3 ½