Fluid between the fields of art, design and art-education, Shea Chang’s creative practice is centered on investigating the dichotomy between the physical and the psychic understanding of nature. Spanning over ten years, Chang’s cross-disciplinary practice has engaged in multiple facets of the visual language in order to describe a range of the narrative, emotive, poetic, personal, critical or conceptual. Informed by her own pluralistic immersion in urban/rural environments, and by her multi-racial and queer identities, Chang’s latest work is focused on examining socio-political liminality and plurality in Canada, both in terms of the environment and cultural identity.


Shea Chang’s current body of work Shades of Commingling, focuses on questioning the boundaries, categorizations and separations between the painter and the subject, the painter and the painted land, the human and the rock beneath our feet. This visual investigation of liminal time and place is materialized via the observation of parasitic, cooperative and symbiotic presences in nature. One entity grows and extends into someplace else, emerging from one teeming pool, or a flat, empty colour field and into an intricate three-dimensional realm. These blurring, commingling and combining disparate realms within the pictorial frame act as symbols for how our relationship with our environment moves, grows and transforms.

The concept of a hiatus can be interpreted within this work as a break and/or breakthrough and the process of re-centering, recharging or re-focusing, or reconnecting what was once at odds with one another. In an effort to build, grow, experience and deconstruct what is being reflected, this project seeks to reconsider the ways of knowing and seeing landscape and place.


Title: Symbiotic Rock I, II & III

Medium: Acrylic on Shaped Dibond Panel

Approximate Dimensions: 20” x 28”, 20” x 28”, 40” x 50”